IMHOF - Ancient family originated in Württemberg region,  Southern Germany, where is located the Black Forest. In 1352 is found Harald Imhof registered in Lörrach, a city at the boundary of Basel (Switzerland). In 1438, Wolder Imhof  lived in Freiburg, he was a feudal lord, land owner, who had right to his own ensign and colors. Before extending for all over Germany, this family ramified to the Tirol, being found this Surname in Ravensburg, Kempten and other cities where they also had right to coat of arms and tittles of nobility. There are more two branches of this family, one in Switzerland starting from Basel and extending to Zurich, Winterthur and Bern where their  had right to them own of arms and another one in France, in the cities of  Mulhouse e Colmar, this also had right to the coat of arms. This surname is mentioned in the following works: "Etimologisches Worterbuch der Deutschen Famillennamen", "Etymologisches des Noms de Famile et Prenoms de France".


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